When I started my career in L&D I had to do SO much additional learning. Even though I already had a level 7 in Human Resources Development (Learning and Development)! Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to give me the real-life skills I needed to be successful. I ended up completing SO many short courses to give me extra skills and knowledge, and even beyond this there was more to learn...

Courses I attended:

  • Facilitation skills
  • Train the trainer
  • Presentation skills
  • Training Evaluation
  • How to run and host online learning

Then there was all this other stuff I had to learn along the way I never got any training for: 

  • E-learning basics
  • Purpose of an LMS and how to get best use out of it
  • The role of L&D and how to create strategic alignment
  • How to create engaging learning experiences
  • How to scope to the root cause
  • How to add value through learning needs analysis
  • How to get most from relationships with HRBP’s
  • Types of learning and when to use
  • Engaging line managers in learning

If you want to skip all these unknowns and make a success of your first L&D role... then this course is for you! As guess what... ALL OF THE ABOVE IS COVERED!

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Course Introduction

This course is for you if....

  • You aspire to, or are currently working within learning and development

  • You're transitioning from another role into L&D

  • You’re committed to putting this learning into action – remember only 30% of learning happens in the classroom, the rest lies in the transfer on the job which ultimately is up to you!

This course is NOT for you if...

  • You’re already an experienced L&D professional, this content is covering getting started.

  • You’re looking for a specific L&D specialism – this course will give you the skills to be a great L&D generalist. If you want a specific specialism then this isn’t for you.

  • You aren’t fully committed to working through the activities to practice and enhance your skill.

What's covered...

12 modules jam-packed with value, job aids, templates and presentations. (Not all available downloads are available in this preview)

  • 1

    Module 1: Welcome

    • Welcome

    • Your interactive workbook

  • 2

    Module 2: The Foundations

    • 2.1 What is Learning and Development?

    • 2.2 L&D Workplace Structures

    • 2.3 Scope of the role of L&D

    • L&D Glossary

  • 3

    Module 3: The link between learning and performance

    • 3.1 Learning and performance

  • 4

    Module 4: The learning timeline

    • 4.1 The learning timeline

  • 5

    Module 5: Understanding learning needs

    • 5.1 Scoping and data gathering

    • 5.2 Stakeholders

    • 5.3 L&D as a strategic lead

    • 5.4 What to do when you receive a learning request & consulting questions

    • 5.5 Learning needs analysis

    • 5.6 Engaging HR and line managers

    • Learning Evaluation - Scoping Template

  • 6

    Module 6: Learning coordination

    • 6.1 L&D Administration

    • 6.2 Budgets

    • 6.3 Learning Management Systems

    • 6.4 Mandatory Training

  • 7

    Module 7: The roles of L&D

    • 7.1 The roles of L&D

    • 7.2 Facilitation Skills

    • 7.3 Presentation Skills

    • 7.4 Trainer Skills

    • 7.5 L&D as a Business Partner

  • 8

    Module 8: Learning design basics

    • 8.1 Introduction

    • 8.2 Types of learning and when to use

    • 8.3 Internal vs External programmes

    • 8.4 Creating Training Programmes

    • 8.5 Learning Objectives

    • 8.6 Writing a lesson plan

    • 8.7 Types of learning activities

    • 8.8 Creating blended learning

    • 8.9 Engaging slides

  • 9

    Module 9: Face to face delivery

    • 9.1 Before the course

    • 9.2 On the day preparation

    • 9.4 During the training

    • 9.5 Closing the training

  • 10

    Module 10: Digital learning

    • 10.1 Types of digital learning

    • 10.2 How to run and host virtual instructor led delivery

    • 10.3 E-Learning basics

  • 11

    Module 11: Evaluate Learning like a PRO

    • Lesson 1 - Introduction

    • Lesson 2 - Why Evaluate Learning

    • Lesson 3 - Overview of evaluaton models

    • Lesson 4 - what to evaluate

    • Lesson 5 - Who is responsible for evaluation?

    • Lesson 6 - 6 steps to measure learning impact

    • Lesson 7 - Key concepts to measure impact

    • Learning Evaluation - Scoping Template Example Training

    • Lesson 8 - Master your scoping meetings

    • Lesson 9 - How to evaluate in-learning

    • Lesson 10 - How to evaluate post-learning

    • Lesson 11 - What to do with the data

    • Lesson 12 - Next Steps

    • Learning Evaluation - Evaluation Strategy

  • 12


    • Summary

    • All available downloads within this course

    • L&D Essentials Evaluation

4 x 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions!

Value: £400

With the enhanced package you'll get 4 x 60 minute coaching sessions. Use these sessions to help you shape your route into the industry, practice for interviews, or if your transitioning in L&D work on your identified development areas. You'll be working with a formally accredited coach, who achieves results and knows the industry well.

Yes, that's 12 modules of learning from an L&D expert with over 10 years experience

You're getting a back stage pass, to learn from an expert. No need to make the same mistakes I did when I started. No need for trial and error. Just straight down to business with presentations, a reflective workbook and free downloads. What more could a new or aspiring L&D professional need?

About your instructor

Sophia Grainger

Sophia Grainger is the owner of Development Professionals and has worked in Learning and Development for nearing 10 years, over her career in L&D she has worked in a range of industries and sectors, including global brands.



Lucile - Aspiring to work in L&D

I had a coaching session with Sophia and it was so valuable. Her style of coaching was matching my attempts, she gave we lots of useful advice on where to start my L&D career... she was able to ask me the right questions and give me the confidence I was looking for when booking the session. I would 100% recommend Sophia as she is a perfect coach for L&D professionals.

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12 modules, free templates and a reflective workbook. All the essential elements to leap into your career in L&D


  • How do I know if this course is right for me?

    If you aspire to work in L&D or are just getting started, this course is perfect for you. It's right for you if you like to learn from others, but are ready to take action yourself too (no training course is a magic wand, you've got to put the effort in yourself too!)

  • How is this course different to a formal certificate in L&D?

    First, the price. This course is low cost because this is me, sharing my experiences with you. I made a lot of mistakes early in my career, and I had a level 7 qualification in learning and development! Don't make the same mistakes I did. This course will help you get there MUCH quicker

  • Can I revisit this course?

    Yes! You get lifetime access to this content, so any new updates, templates or videos I add in future are all yours too. Work through the content at a pace that works for you.

  • I'm not happy, can I get a refund?

    Due to the digital nature of this product, we don’t offer refunds at this time. So all sales are final. With that said, if you have any issues or questions at all just contact me and we can look to resolve it sophiagrainger@developmentprofessionals.org

  • I have more questions, where can I go for help?

    Just email sophiagrainger@developmentprofessionals.org and I’ll be in touch with you to help